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Capricorn Horoscope

The Goat
21 December to 20 January

  • Element: Earth

  • Polarity: Negative
Capricorn is the sign of the goat. It spans the period from approximately December 21st in one year to January 20th near the beginning of the next (dates may vary slightly in different years). It is associated with the traditional element of Earth, and is classified by astrologers as having negative polarity.

Capricorns tend to be quiet and reserved, rather than being loud and flashy. They are are generally known for being determined, disciplined, practical, and reliable. They are usually the kind of person who is punctual for appointment and has a good memory for details. For the most part, Capricorns are the type of people who will work logically and methodically, with great discipline, towards their chosen goals - and often you will find that their goals are extremely ambitious ones which require considerable commitment to achieve. In short, Capricorns usually set themselves high standards, and generally live up to them.

Although disciplined, methodical and practical, Capricorns are by no means dull. They generally have a good sense of humor, a deep intellectual curiosity about the world around them, and often a quick wit too.

Different Capricorns tend to be attracted to different fields:
  • Some Capricorns tend to focus on, and exploit, heir logical and practical side. You will find often find such Capricorns making successful careers in accountacy, banking or project management.

  • Other Capricorns may exploit their creative side, and be attracted to the arts or music. However, even in such fields, A typical Capricorn's ability to focus, and apply themselves with discipline and determination can be of great help.
Capricorns tend to be most compatible people who are practical and reliable.
  • Capricorns are generally most compatible with Taurus and Virgo (both of which are also Earth signs), as well as, sometimes, often Capricorns.

  • Capricorns are usually least compatible with with people born under Aries, Cancer or Libra.
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Capricorn Horoscope 2018: Astrological Horoscope, Moon Phases, and More (2018 Horoscopes)

By Crystal Sky

Independently published
Paperback (142 pages)

Capricorn Horoscope 2018: Astrological Horoscope, Moon Phases, and More (2018 Horoscopes)
List Price: $11.98*
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Product Description:
Make 2018 your year to shine with this comprehensive Astrological forecast book for the Star Sign Capricorn. Get inside knowledge about what to expect in 2018 with monthly categories such as: Work & Career, Love & Romance, Ideas & Creativity, and Issues & Hurdles. Capricorn Horoscope 2018 is written in such a way that it encourages the reader to explore their life and analyze their personal experience to potentiate personal growth. Each month’s horoscope is hand crafted from astrology, zodiac events, and cosmic divine energy. Capricorn Horoscope 2018 takes the reader on a path that expands his or her consciousness and reveals an uplifting journey into potential outcomes. Each month also details the main Moon cycles, and the traditional Moon name for that month. This is a detailed and beautifully presented Horoscope book that is the complete 2018 Astrological Horoscope for the zodiac Star sign Capricorn. Special Bonus in Paper-book edition: 2018 Astrological Almanac: Your complete guide to manifesting by the stars Be taken on an incredible celestial journey in 2018. Find out which planets to connect with to manifest abundance, and when their energy is most powerful. Tap into the power of New Moons, Full Moons, Equinox's, Solstice's, Mercury Retrograde's, Meteor showers, and more! This is the complete Astrological Almanac for 2018 and has loads of tips and tricks to get the most out of 2018. Make this your year to shine as brightly as the stars above.

Olde Moore's Horoscope Capricorn 2018 (Olde Moore's Horoscope Daily Astral Diaries)

By Francis Moore

W Foulsham & Co Ltd
Paperback (128 pages)

Olde Moore s Horoscope Capricorn 2018 (Olde Moore s Horoscope Daily Astral Diaries)
Lowest New Price: $6.04*
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Product Description:
Your year ahead from Old Moore, Britain's No.1 astrologer. Your Capricorn Daily Astral Diary gives you a daily account of the way the stars and planets will have a bearing on your life and also lets you know how you can maximise your potential. Consulting your Dr Francis Moore Astral Diary will make you more aware of what really makes you tick and help you navigate modern life. Old Moore's Astral Diary is unique in its ability to get to the heart of your nature and to offer you the sort of advice that might come from a trusted friend. It enables you to see day-by-day exactly how the planets are working for you. Your Capricorn Daily Astral Diary: will help you better understand yourself and your relationships with other people; identifies key days, weeks in advance so you can improve tomorrow by tuning into your prevailing astrological influences; shows you day-by-day exactly how the planets are working for you; includes a diary section advising how you can get the best from upcoming situations enabling you to plan ahead successfully; provides information on the additional influences of being born on the cusp of another sign. In 2018, Old Moore's Almanack will be 322 years old and deserves its world record-beating inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records. With accurate predictions, including the 2001 terrorist attacks, everyone agrees that Old Moore is the No. 1 Seer, with the best prediction record. Accurate, fascinating and appropriate, Old Moore plots your year ahead helping you maximise your opportunities.

Capricorn: Hardworking, Straightforward, Loyal, Content ( A Zodiac Journal / Horoscope Journal )

By Journals for the Soul

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (128 pages)

Capricorn: Hardworking, Straightforward, Loyal, Content ( A Zodiac Journal / Horoscope Journal )
List Price: $6.99*
Lowest New Price: $6.99*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 12:35 Pacific 22 Sep 2017 More Info)

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Product Description:
A simple yet elegant zodiac journal. A special space to write whatever your desire. The lined pages are perfect for writing on. This horoscope themed journal is a large 6x9” size making writing a pleasure. The high quality acid free paper means writing will never fade. • Glossy cover zodiac journal • Approximately 6 x 9-inches • special pages, acid-free so your writing won't fade over time • Section sewn binding keeps pages secure • "Journals for the Soul" have a fabulous selection of journals in various sizes and other patterned prints and expressions available separately, just search “Journals for the Soul”

How To Attract A Capricorn Man - The Astrology for Lovers Guide to Understanding Capricorn Men, Horoscope Compatibility Tips and Much More

By Leighton Lovelace

Released: 2012-07-29
Kindle Edition (69 pages)

How To Attract A Capricorn Man - The Astrology for Lovers Guide to Understanding Capricorn Men, Horoscope Compatibility Tips and Much More
Product Description:
Are YOU Interested in Attracting Capricorn Men?

The Capricorn man is deceptively simple, but exceedingly COMPLEX. Many women see him as a better friend than lover, but when he’s a lover, he is passionate and faithful...

Inside "How To Attract A Capricorn Man", you'll discover EVERYTHING you need to know about attracting and keeping a Capricorn in love. Some of the topics covered in this astrology and love guide include...

Dating the Capricorn Man - He is slow to connect and if you don't know why, dating him can be EXTREMELY difficult. Inside you'll find out why...

Signs a Capricorn Man Likes You - If you've seen THIS telltale sign from your him, it's a sure bet that he's into you but if you haven't it's a virtual certainty that he's not!

The Capricorn Man in Love - He's difficult to read when it comes to revealing his TRUE feelings. But, a few tips will enable you to read his actions like no other woman could.

Preferences of the Capricorn Man - As the saying goes, "Beauty is only skin deep" and that's DEFINITELY true for him. What's more likely to catch his attention - your wardrobe, hair or nails? It's revealed within...

The Capricorn Man in the Bedroom (Astrology and Sex Unite) - While lacking the aggression of some other Zodiac signs between the sheets, he offers ONE benefit that women find IRRESISTIBLE.

The Capricorn Man and Jealousy - With a reputation for jealousy, he can be difficult at times. But, with a better understanding of it, you'll be able to handle it like NO woman he's encountered before!

The Capricorn Man and Honesty - Take care to only ask him questions that you want a direct answer for, otherwise, you could be in for quite a SHOCK. Discover why...

The Capricorn Man and Faithfulness - Unlike some other men, faithfulness is only given ONCE by him. If you don't know why, you could be setting yourself up to fail and not know it!

Keeping the Capricorn Man Interested - Keeping his interest high is almost totally dependent on one simple trick. Master it and keep him FOREVER attracted.

Keeping the Capricorn Man from Pulling Away - Women misinterpret THIS key aspect of his persona time and again. By being aware of it, you'll have the skill required to keep him coming back...

Getting the Capricorn Man Back - If you've reached this point with him, it may be too late. But, with the knowledge you'll get, you can prevent this from EVER being an issue in the first place.

Capricorn Horoscope Compatibility/Zodiac Romance - Astrology compatibility is a very important thing to consider in matters of Capricorn love so no matter what your horoscope love sign is, we've got your astrology love match covered including...

Capricorn Man with Aquarius Woman, Capricorn Man with Aries Woman, Capricorn Man with Cancer Woman, Capricorn Man with Capricorn Woman, Capricorn Man with Gemini Woman, Capricorn Man with Leo Woman, Capricorn Man with Libra Woman, Capricorn Man with Pisces Woman, Capricorn Man with Sagittarius Woman, Capricorn Man with Scorpio Woman, Capricorn Man with Taurus Woman, and Capricorn Man with Virgo Woman.

Get your astrology relationships questions answered in "How To Attract A Capricorn Man". Simply scroll up, click the buy button and decide if this is your match today...

Capricorn (Astrology) - How to Find Love and Compatibility in All Your Relationships: Capricorn Horoscope Boxed Set (Relationship Books for Dating Couples)

By Rosemary Breen

Psychic Revolution Publishing House
Released: 2014-01-19
Kindle Edition (132 pages)

Capricorn (Astrology) - How to Find Love and Compatibility in All Your Relationships: Capricorn Horoscope Boxed Set (Relationship Books for Dating Couples)
Product Description:

Finding love and connecting with women and men is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. This entertaining relationship book shows dating couples how to find love, build or rescue relationships with each other and with friends, family, and mates. See how to communicate with people in new, more powerful and relevant ways.

In the Capricorn (Astrology) Boxed Set discover how to find love and compatibility in all your relationships. If you're a Capricorn looking for happiness, personal growth, and love, or a Capricorn in love, or you have fallen in love with a Capricorn then this boxed set is for you.

Learn how to transform relationships, one at a time and unlock the secret of living life more fully.

For fans of the astrologers Joanna Martine Woolfold, Linda Goodman, and Jonathan Cainer, Capricorn (Astrology) - How to Find Love and Compatibility in All Your Relationships gives you more valuable insights into the astrological compatibility of your star sign with other zodiac signs, how to develop friendships and romantic relationships that are fulfilling and satisfying, and free from clashes and misunderstandings.

The CapricornHoroscope Boxed Set is both thought-provoking and fun to share. 

Download Now and Discover the Unlocked Secrets about Relationships and the Zodiac.

Here is what others say about the horoscope books written by the Amazon Bestselling Author, Rosemary Breen:

LEO "Informative and Entertaining" Ms K.S. Conabree;

VIRGO "Love the insights" Sharon L. Wyeth;

GEMINI "Great resource" B Williams';

LIBRA "Hit the nail on the head" Elaine Lockard;

SAGITTARIUS "Excellent job" Wanderlust;

TAURUS "Unbelievably accurate" R. Tutty;

CANCER "Fun, humorous, caring and compassionate" Tiffany M. White;

SCORPIO "Wow this book was spot on" Lisa Oliver

Horoscope Compatibility - Capricorn: Love Life Relationships

By Rosemary Breen

Psychic Revolution Publishing House
Released: 2014-01-18
Kindle Edition (71 pages)

Horoscope Compatibility - Capricorn: Love Life Relationships
Product Description:
Capricorn: have you struggled to find love? Let this Zodiac guide show you the way. Still looking for Mr Right? Still searching for Ms Compatible?

Don't waste any more time; now discover which star signs are your best and worst love matches.

Praise For Amazon Bestselling Author of Horoscope Compatibility Series ...

The author has an 'easy reading style' Lisa Oliver, book reviewer on Amazon; I am 'looking forward to more books in the Horoscope Compatibility series' Andrea Kalaydjian

Pick up this guide now and you'll soon know where to look for love.

Not a Goat? Is there a special Capricorn in your life? If so, then this book will help keep them close and it will help you get the most out of your relationship.

This is a fun, no-nonsense intro to astrological matching.

Capricorn (Super Horoscopes 2013) (Super Horoscopes Capricorn)

By Margarete Beim

Berkley Trade
Released: 2012-07-03
Paperback (256 pages)

Capricorn (Super Horoscopes 2013) (Super Horoscopes Capricorn)
List Price: $9.99*
Lowest Used Price: $5.99*
*(As of 12:35 Pacific 22 Sep 2017 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
In an uncertain world, knowing the future couldn't hurt.

Every day, people look to their horoscopes for answers big and small. Super Horoscopes supply the answers they seek, in the most comprehensive day-to-day predictions on the market. With special sections on the history and uses of astrology, these updated books will show readers exactly what the future holds for them.

Each sign includes:
Detailed yearly and daily forecasts
Rising signs and rising times
Lucky numbers
Cusp born and cusp dates
Signs of the zodiac
Character analysis
Love, romance, and marriage compatibility guide
Moon tables
Planting and fishing guides
Influence of the moon and planets
Famous personalities
November and December 2012 daily forecasts repeated
Special overview of 2011 thru 2020

Capricorn Horoscope 2017 (Astrology Horoscopes 2017) (Volume 10)

By Lisa Lazuli

Paperback (66 pages)

Capricorn Horoscope 2017 (Astrology Horoscopes 2017) (Volume 10)
List Price: $7.99*
Lowest New Price: $7.94*
Lowest Used Price: $8.27*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 12:35 Pacific 22 Sep 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • Capricorn Horoscope 2017
Product Description:
“Capricorn are not just looking to create change in their life by shuffling the pieces around the chess board: you want a new chessboard, new opponents, new strategies and maybe even a new game to go alongside the chess. 2017 is a year to feel your own power and sense of personal achievement. You need to pit yourself against the odds to test your ability to make things happen. Success leads to more success as there is this cumulative nature to this year’s activities, things build on what went before and so you move ahead in a linear way rather than like a rollercoaster going up and down. Sometimes events may take you by surprise and be more successful than you imagined or indeed may have unintended but pleasing consequences. While many events are fated this year, the outcomes are not – it is all to play for and you can determine the outcome with the right attitude or with a renewal of attitudes. Do not assume that things have to happen in a certain way, a combination of sheer willpower and application of wits can mould the outcome in the shape of your vision.” Following the success of HOROSCOPE 2014, 2015, 2016 and the Brexit, US Election and astrology vlogs Lazuli will again be releasing 12 books: one for each star sign's horoscope for 2017. A big thank you to all the amazon and B&N buyers who supported me over the past 3 years and also to my youtube channel subscribers. Are you looking in the mirror wondering what 2017 will hold? Do you feel at an important crossroads? Do you need direction or a kick start? Are you wondering 'what now' in terms of love and relationships? How are the Stars lining up for you in 2017? What opportunities can they supply the energy for? Popular resident astrologer of BBC WM Lisa Lazuli takes her straightening, down to earth approach to astrology from the air waves to the bookshelf with this insightful and motivational book. Includes a detailed yearly overview for Capricorn, followed by monthly forecasts broken into love, life and career. A chatty, sincere read to help inspire, guide and alert you to the unique possibilities of your life on a practical, emotional and spiritual level. NOTE: These are monthly horoscopes

Capricorn (AstroAnalysis Horoscopes)

By Amer. AstroAnalysts Institute

Berkley Trade
Released: 1988-10-01
Paperback (256 pages)

Capricorn (AstroAnalysis Horoscopes)
List Price: $12.95*
Lowest New Price: $82.96*
Lowest Used Price: $4.04*
*(As of 12:35 Pacific 22 Sep 2017 More Info)

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Product Description:
The only astrology books with up-to-date planet tables--these twelve individualized guides help readers create their own personality profiles.

For more than two decades, the Astroanalysis books have been a pioneer in the astrology market--offering complete, up-to-date planet tables, ascendant (rising) tables, and cusp tables to enable readers to create their own unique self-portraits. There are twelve guides in all--one for each sign of the Zodiac--which provide a more in-depth approach than other "all-in-one" horoscope books.

With the easy-to-use tables, anyone can discover their own special talents, traits, and inborn potential. For all birth dates, a complete self-portrait can be drawn from the 10 planets, together with the rising sign and cusp sign. Each individual guide offers helpful advice on:

* Romance * Compatibility * Career * Family * Children * Friendship * Strengths and weaknesses * Personal development * and much more

Designed for both the beginner or experienced astrologer, Astroanalysis provides the perfect way to kick off the new millennium.

* The only astrology guides that enable readers to create their own self-portrait based on correct planet positions

* A separate book for each Zodiac sign offers a more in-depth, thorough analysis than other guides

* Includes updated planet tables, ascendant (rising) tables, and cusp tables for all birth dates from 1910 through 1999

* Accessible and easy to use--no symbols, no calculations, no complicated data

* Perfect for beginners, as well as experienced astrologers (who rely on the complete, updated tables)

* An excellent companion book to Berkley's annual day-by-day guides, Super Horoscopes and Total Horoscopes

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