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Leo Horoscope

The Lion
21 July to 20 August

  • Element: Fire

  • Polarity: Positive
Leo, is, as most people know, the sign of the lion. It spans the period from approximately July 21st to August 20th each year (dates may vary slightly between years). It is associated with the traditional element of Fire, and is classified by astrologers as having positive polarity.

Just like the lion the Leo personality has a reputation for being commanding and dominant, but also prideful. Leo people are also usually extorted and outgoing. They can be spontaneous, but can also be thoughtful at times too. Other positive Leo characteristics include a high degree of self-control and self-discipline.

The combination of characteristics found in a typical Leo personality, often makes for a good leader. In such positions, Leos are often successful, but they need to be aware that there is a risk that their prideful nature, if unchecked, can easily lead them towards arrogance.

In love, Leos tend to be loyal and warm-hearted. They tend to be trusting, and thus can easily be hurt if that trust is abused or they are let down. However, Leos often have a strong sex drive, and as a result, some Leos may struggle to stay with one partner for long.

Leos tend to look for partners with a strong personality and a passionate nature: Related Sites: See Also:
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From Amazon.com

Here are some books from Amazon.com:

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Horoscopes 2019 Leo

By J. Jacobs

Independently published
Paperback (76 pages)

Horoscopes 2019 Leo
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Product Description:
Leo 2019 Horoscopes

All About Leo: An Astrological Guide to Personality, Friendship, Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Career, and More!

By Shaya Weaver

Independently published
Paperback (133 pages)

All About Leo: An Astrological Guide to Personality, Friendship, Compatibility, Love, Marriage, Career, and More!
List Price: $9.99*
Lowest New Price: $9.99*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 15:35 Pacific 19 Mar 2019 More Info)

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Product Description:
What is your astrological personality type? Which signs of the zodiac are you most compatible with? Which signs are you most likely to marry or divorce? What are your career aptitudes? Which famous people share your sun sign? Which animals, gemstones, colors, numbers, trees, foods, and places are associated with your sign? Answers to these questions and more can be found in All About Leo.

Leo Horoscope 2018 (Astrology Horoscopes 2018) (Volume 5)

By Lisa Lazuli

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Paperback (72 pages)

Leo Horoscope 2018 (Astrology Horoscopes 2018) (Volume 5)
List Price: $5.99*
Lowest New Price: $5.99*
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Product Description:
Now Bigger and Better. “The rocket is on the launch pad and you are ready for lift-off in 2018. Leo are all set and ready to go, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air and a certain electricity coursing through your veins. Things cannot be rushed however, preparation is essential and you need to make sure your base is solid and super secure. 2018 is about building on what you have, having more faith in what you have done and taking that to a super sonic new level. Your focus and determination are sharpened and you have greater stamina and also the will to fine tune talents and weaponise those abilities. You can really on support from family, your fan base or your followers to propel you into orbit. A time to prepare for great success, visibility and even fame. Love dalliances that begin can quickly turn into firm friendships and solid relationships which provide great structure and security in your life. While the outside world is filled with fire works, family and love keep your feet on the ground.” A big thank you to all the amazon and B&N buyers who supported me over the past 4 years and also to my youtube channel subscribers. Are you looking in the mirror wondering what 2018 will hold? Do you feel at an important crossroads? Do you need direction or a kick start? Are you wondering 'what now' in terms of love and relationships? How are the Stars lining up for you in 2018? What opportunities can they supply the energy for? Popular resident astrologer of BBC WM Lisa Lazuli takes her straightening, down to earth approach to astrology from the air waves to the bookshelf with this insightful and motivational book. Includes a detailed yearly overview for Leo, followed by monthly forecasts broken into love, life, health and career. A chatty, sincere read to help inspire, guide and alert you to the unique possibilities of your life on a practical, emotional and spiritual level.

LEO HOROSCOPE 2019: Yearly and Monthly Astrology Forecast (Horoscopes 2019 Book 5)

By Lisa Lazuli

Released: 2019-01-20
Kindle Edition (39 pages)

LEO HOROSCOPE 2019: Yearly and Monthly Astrology Forecast (Horoscopes 2019 Book 5)
Product Description:

Yearly overview and monthly forecasts for Leo on love, life, sex and career.

"A new romance can really light up Leo’s life in 2019; it may well be a work colleague and it can also be someone older. In some cases, it is Madonna figure. There is a great deal more care and concern in love and a practical approach to problems. Romance itself tends to be about laughter and the ability to let your hair down and have fun, but it is also heavily dependent on exclusively, trust and integrity.
2019 is electric and energetic; there could well be an overload of activity and much is demanded of Leo and yet, you know how you love to be important and you want to save the day, which makes you unshy of getting your hands dirty.
Leo are cheerful and playful in 2019, and if you had felt that a certain spark was missing, you can recapture a youthful appreciation of all things, and that brings joy into your life."

NOTE: I published a separate book with a compilation of all the yearly reviews.

Leo Horoscope 2019: Astrology, Zodiac Events & More (2019 Horoscopes Book 5)

By Crystal Sky

Released: 2017-12-29
Kindle Edition (107 pages)

Leo Horoscope 2019: Astrology, Zodiac Events & More (2019 Horoscopes Book 5)
Product Description:
The Stars align to make 2019 your best year ever! With this comprehensive astrological horoscope book for the Star Sign Leo, you get inside knowledge about what to expect in 2019. Leo Horoscope 2019 has monthly categories such as Work & Career, Love & Romance, Ideas & Creativity, and Issues & Hurdles. Leo Horoscope 2019 encourages you to explore life and analyze your personal experience to potentiate personal growth. Your detailed monthly horoscope utilizes aspects of astrology, zodiac events, and cosmic divine energy. Leo Horoscope 2019 expands consciousness and reveals an uplifting journey into potential outcomes, as well as detailing how to sidestep and prevent blockages and issues. This two in one book also features a complete Astrological event book for 2019 which details cosmic events, moon cycles, mercury retrogrades and meteor showers. This detailed and beautifully presented Horoscope book is the perfect 2019 Astrological Horoscope for the zodiac Star sign Leo.

Leo 2019: Your Personal Horoscope

By Joseph Polansky

Harper Thorsons
Released: 2018-05-31
Kindle Edition (60 pages)

Leo 2019: Your Personal Horoscope
Product Description:

Your guide to the year 2019. This fantastic book includes month-by-month forecasts and all you need to know to find out what is in store for you in the year ahead.

The only horoscope you’ll ever need.

Your essential guide to love, life and career success in 2019.

This popular guide contains all you need to know about your personal horoscope for the year 2019. Be prepared for the forthcoming year with monthly predictions for your sign and discover how to maximise your opportunities and potential to make the most of 2019.

This bestselling astrological guide contains:

• A personality profile

• A forecast for the year ahead – what you can expect in terms of wealth, home, health, social and love life

• A month-by-month forecast of your best days and worst days – the ideal days to attract love, money or success, and when it’s better to just stay in bed!

Joseph Polansky is a leading US astrologer who has been practising astrology for over 20 years.

How To Attract A Leo Man - The Astrology for Lovers Guide to Understanding Leo Men, Horoscope Compatibility Tips and Much More

By Leighton Lovelace

Released: 2012-07-29
Kindle Edition (62 pages)

How To Attract A Leo Man - The Astrology for Lovers Guide to Understanding Leo Men, Horoscope Compatibility Tips and Much More
Product Description:
Are YOU Interested in Attracting Leo Men?

The Leo man is quite a catch. He’s not afraid to approach a beautiful woman but he might not know exactly what to say after he breaks the ice. This clumsy confidence is absolutely IRRESISTIBLE to some women...

Inside "How To Attract A Leo Man", you'll discover EVERYTHING you need to know about attracting and keeping a Leo in love. Some of the topics covered in this astrology and love guide include...

Dating the Leo Man - The Leo Man is ALWAYS thoughtful and entertaining when dating. Careful though, unless you know how to handle his charms it's easy to be swept off your feet.

Signs a Leo Man Likes You - He won't mince words so knowing whether or not he's into you is fairly easy. Sometimes though, it can be harder to tell. Inside you'll learn to look for a SINGLE CLUE to be sure...

The Leo Man in Love - Once you've made a love connection with a Leo Man it's rock solid. BUT, until then, you need to be mindful of this one aspect of his personality or you could risk it all!

Preferences of the Leo Man - Are you looking for a fling with a Leo Man or something more serious? Your results will vary DRAMATICALLY depending upon the answer you give and the reasons why are revealed within.

The Leo Man in the Bedroom (Astrology and Sex Unite) - Which is more important to him when it comes to the bedroom - an emotional connection or a physical one? Get the edge over your rivals by knowing which one and WHY...

The Leo Man and Jealousy - Is he jealous? YES. In fact, he's NOTORIOUS for it. If you know its cause however, you can gain access to him that few women ever will!

The Leo Man and Honesty - Even though Leo Men aren't known for lying there can be instances when he does. Actually, he feels he MUST in a certain situation. Do you know why that might be?

The Leo Man and Faithfulness - Will your Leo Man be true? Chances are very good he will unless you slip up and commit THIS mistake...

Keeping the Leo Man Interested - The key to keeping a him interested lies WITHIN you. If you don't know what that is already, our helpful advice will ensure that you get this right!

Keeping the Leo Man from Pulling Away - If you can't show your Leo Man that you understand this CRUCIAL need he has in relationships, then it's unlikely you can prevent him from drifting away.

Getting the Leo Man Back - Depending upon HOW you separated, there's a chance you can still get him back. Except, of course, under ONE circumstance when it's 99.9% likely he's gone for good...

Leo Horoscope Compatibility/Zodiac Romance - Astrology compatibility is a very important thing to consider in matters of Leo love so no matter what your horoscope love sign is, we've got your astrology love match covered including...

Leo Man with Aquarius Woman, Leo Man with Aries Woman, Leo Man with Cancer Woman, Leo Man with Capricorn Woman, Leo Man with Gemini Woman, Leo Man with Leo Woman, Leo Man with Libra Woman, Leo Man with Pisces Woman, Leo Man with Sagittarius Woman, Leo Man with Scorpio Woman, Leo Man with Taurus Woman, and Leo Man with Virgo Woman.

Get your astrology relationships questions answered in "How To Attract A Leo Man". Simply scroll up, click the buy button and decide if this is your match today...

Your Horoscope 2019: Leo

By Zoe Buckden

Byrnie Publishing
Released: 2018-09-22
Kindle Edition (49 pages)

Your Horoscope 2019: Leo
Product Description:
Your complete horoscope for the year! Discover your prospects for money, romance, career, and health. Everything you need to know about your stars for the year ahead is in this book.

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